As we do each week Shane brings us up to date on the latest market news. We’re still up for the year but the tariff talks are beginning to weaken steel and aluminum and a few other commodities.

Oil was up but there is news that Trump talked with the Saudis and they have agreed that they will increase their production to ease the rising prices.

All during Saturday’s show we’ve talked about the Supreme Court with guest attorney Jennifer Bordy and the major decisions that have come down during the last week.

One of the topics in this segment was a case of cell phones and police needing a warrant to find locations where your phone was used.

While police could find numbers you called, they could not hear actual conversations still protected by current privacy laws.

Jennifer also talked about a case that the court will take up in their next session that deals with criminal forfeitures.

In Florida you can lose your home, car, and other assets if you’re involved in a drug transaction there.

The court will address a case of a $225 drug transaction where the person lost his $42,000 car as a criminal fortitude.

Workforce arbitration was also a decision by the courts and Gerrymandering in Texas was also discussed.

A caller wanted to know about paying union dues and representative fees in a teacher’s union. The court also ruled that you do not have to pay a non-member fee in a public union. And that from now on you have to opt in to a union rather than opt out of one.

Some Final Thoughts

If you missed our yearly Supreme Court Wrap up it will be available at our web site Just look for past Open for Business Shows on the Hot Bar and there is a link to take you there. Listen to the wrap up below.

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