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The Montanans Behind This Week's Supreme Court Case
Bottom line, Montana started a scholarship program that allowed people to keep more of their own money, which could then be used to support scholarships for kids to attend the school of their own choice. The teachers union and the Left freaked out, claiming that this amounted to the government fundi…
Wednesday's Montana Talks: Gary Marbut on Gun Rights
I've gotten a lot of phone calls and emails from our listeners wanting to hear more about the gun control push being pursued by the scandal-plagued governor of Virginia. Especially in the wake of the recent gun-rights rally which featured thousands of peaceful, law abiding gun owners- despite t…
Must-Read Piece Following Our Dr. Kia Interview
Former Kalispell Mayor Tammi Fisher says the recent events, combined with Dr. Kia's analysis, showed her that Soleimani's killing was justified. Recent events also showed us how right Dr. Kia was, and how wrong many in the mainstream media were.

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