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Doc Sears Covers the Business Impacts of Coronavirus
While Dr. Sears acknowledges that the virus so far isn't having that great of an impact on health here in America, he says it is definitely impacting the business of healthcare- especially since all of the masks and some other medical supplies are made in China.
Montana-Connected Astronaut Returns From Space
Check out the photo above. That is the photo from February 6th, 2020 as NASA astronaut Christina Koch lands back on Earth following the longest spaceflight ever conducted by a woman. It's also a cool feather in the hat for the state of Montana, as Christina Koch has some Montana connections.
Now Al Gore is Pushing Fake Meat, Fake Studies
CNS News: "Gore’s climate groups invested $200 million in this company, while studies from organizations to which he also has connections urged stores and consumers to look for meat alternatives – the very types of products in which Gore had just placed a massive investment."