Interesting Oil Business Eyes Move to Billings
Aside from natural gas, what else is brought to the surface when we drill for oil? Water. A lot of it. That's what makes a company eyeing a move to Billings, Montana even more interesting- they're able to take the wastewater from the oil fields and turn it into useable water for agricultural irrigation.
School Superintendents Pen Letter to Biden on Oil and Gas Bans
School officials from multiple states are calling on President Joe Biden to reverse his ban on oil and gas leases on federal lands. Montana's Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen (R-MT), signed on to a letter along with public school representatives in Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah, and Alaska.
Biden’s Anti-Fracking Interior Nominee Stumbles in the Senate
She's on the record opposing fracking. She's on the record opposing oil and gas drilling on federal land. She's on the record opposing pipelines. And, she couldn't even answer basic questions about wildlife management. She also happens to be President Biden's pick to head up the Interior Department and oversee hundreds of millions of acres of federal land.
Despite Iran Terror Leader’s Death, Oil Fairly Stable
When I heard $70 a barrel, I thought- well that's interesting. I mean, ten years ago the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicted that come 2020 oil prices would be hovering around $100 a barrel. Here we are in the midst of a crisis with Iran in 2020 and oil prices are still far lower than even the EIA predicted.

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