Bozeman City Commissioner Jeff Krauss said he was blindsided this week when Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin told local media that he has concerns about the proposed Bozeman Public Safety Center.

Krauss and Bozeman Police Chief Steve Crawford appeared on Dominick in the  Morning to support the proposed safety center, which is on the November ballot.

Chief Crawford says that the morale of his department is good, but it certainly won't help if the safety center is not approved by voters. Crawford points out that the department is running out of space because the current force has doubled in size since 1994.

When talking about the current Bozeman PD building, Crawford says that members of the department are "professionals that are making their community safe and this facility is a major impediment to effective service delivery."

“October surprise,” that's what Krauss says Gootkin did when he told members of the local media that the proposed safety center would not make Bozeman safer. Krauss went on to say that it was a “sleazy” move on the part of Gootkin.

Krauss accuses Gootkin of playing politics just before ballots were mailed to voters, saying that Gootkin is acting like the City of Bozeman's “opponent” and not a partner.

Krauss is hoping the public sees Gootkin's comments as political posturing during the election season.

Listen to what Krauss had to say below:


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