City Commissioner Jeff Krauss joined Tom and Shane on the Tuesday KMMS Morning Soapbox to talk about an invasion of the city on private property.

This is not something like eminent domain where you’re fairly compensated for your property. You keep your property but get hit with the biggest tax bill of your life.

The commission has decided that if you live in an area of Bozeman that is totally surrounded by the city, you’ll be annexed into the city whether you want to be or not.

If you live on Western Drive or Valley Drive, you and one of thirty or so other parcels of land are in the city cross hairs to be forcibly annexed to increase city tax income.

If you are annexed you can expect a bill for impact fees, hookup fees to water and sewer, any Special Improvement District (SID’s) fees, or any other fees that might be attached to the areas near you as deemed by the commission.

Does this sound like taxation without representation to anyone? Only agricultural land is exempt so Jeff Krauss suggests you get a donkey and declare that your property is agricultural then they can’t tax your ass.

I hope the citizens of Bozeman realize that this is a major overstep by the commission and flies directly in the face of their quest for more affordable housing.

People should ask to be annexed into the city — not forced.

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