Over the past few months City Commissioner Jeff Krauss, Shane and I have been discussing the city’s intention of putting a $200 per year addition to property taxes to pay for maintenance of our city parks on the ballot.

Now there’s a change of plans.

The New Park Plan

The city has decided it will do a $10,000 mailing to all city property owners and invite them to protest this additional fee.

If enough people protest, then maybe the city will rethink this issue.

Don’t hold your breath.

Once again, the city has decided that it will not do what each of us does and live within our means.

You only have to look as far as the collapse of the Bogart Park pavilion from heavy snow load and rotted beams, and the crumbling swimming pool to see that the city is not very diligent in keeping our current parks in good repair.

Now they want to dip into your pocket for more. If the callers to the KMMS Morning Soapbox with Tom and Shane are any indication — our Bozeman citizens are tapped out by taxes.

The commission has come to the well too many times. Bozeman Safety Building, new high school are all going to hit resident’s wallets and purses in the coming months.

City Commissioner Jeff Krauss Adds to the Discussion

In our interview below Krauss outlines the city's thinking and his objections to this policy. Listen to this informative interview and watch your mailbox for your protest letter.

What’s your opinion on this constantly changing issue?

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