Interview with Former Three Time Mayor of Bozeman Jeff Krauss below.

I’m sure you know the old saying, “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.” Well, that saying is not being lost on the Bozeman City Commission as they plan to move money like the pea under the three walnut shells and hope the voters won’t find the pea.

$2.3 Million Shell Game

The Bozeman Commission is planning a parks maintenance tax on one of the future ballots. What they fail to disclose is that there is $2.3 million already in the budget for parks and recreation.

Their plan is to move the burden of that $2.3 million-dollar park fee to you the voters in the form of a new tax while keeping the existing $2.3 million in the budget to free up funding for their vote buying liberal projects.

Welcome to Nancy Pelosi light.

Who could possibly be against a fee to maintain our parks in pristine condition for our seniors and children? Who would vote against maintaining our parks?

I mean we do have soccer fields and will have to be replaced every seven years or so. We have a Bogart Pool with so many cracks residents mistake for a sieve.

The Bogart Pavilion collapse could have been prevented with an occasional coat of paint.

Bozeman is not exactly renowned for its stewardship of our public areas. So why not put the burden to maintain our parks and recreation on the backs of the voters? It’s just one more latté or pizza every month after all.

Some Final Thoughts

Former three-time Bozeman Mayor Jeff Krauss and current Bozeman Mayor Chris Mehl will faceoff on this park tax issue at the Bozeman Public Library’s Friday Forum on March 13th at noon.

I hope voters will show up to learn the facts about this proposed tax.

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