Have you smoked? Do you smoke? Do you want to smoke?

That is recreational use of marijuana.

When we open the discussion to medical marijuana, it becomes something completely different. Medical marijuana users, patients, are not chasing your Friday, Saturday night buzz, but are just trying to make it through the day; less pain, the desire to eat or the ability to ease a traumatic experience.

I don't want the responsibility of explaining it again, as I've just had the conversation.

In the mid '90's I backpacked Europe for three months. I survived it all: Back road Irish bikers to the roundabouts of Rome.

Upon arrival back to Montpelier, VT, -- I was hit by a car at 30 MPH. Hit the windshield, bounced off the roof, and tumbled a bit down the road from the incident.

Funny part: I wanted to get up and walk away. Unfortunately, that wasn't in my cards for awhile. I noticed that my leg bent, 90 degrees between my knee and ankle -- that's not normal. The last thing I remember was convincing the ER staff, NOT to cut my sweater off. It remains my favorite early spring - late fall jersey.

The point being, I was in a ton of pain. My tibia and fibula were broken mid-shaft. To make my life livable, I was prescribed Oxycontin, by the 100. Yes, I was closely monitored by my doctor, but opioids do rather strange things to your body, and mind. (That part of the story may be told at a later time.)

If medical marijuana had been an option, I'd haven taken that over the pharmaceuticals.

I only ask of you: Do your homework as a voter. Sign or don't I-182, and vote your conscience if it's on the ballot.

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