The show started off with a caller talking on the infamous Washington memo and where that may lead.

Next, we talked about when the markets might drop — if in fact — they do. Being an election year are any politicians willing to rock the boat?

Will the Fed up the interest rate in their March meeting? How much growth is expected in the first quarter with all the bonuses of big companies plus the repatriation of money back to the US?

Commodities are in play in all the markets. The three hundred worldwide markets we look at are all green. Gold is up and holding. Crude Oil Prices are going up.

One of our callers wanted us to define the velocity of money. The value of the American dollar was also a hot topic. We also discussed the Labor Participation Rate.

Each week Tom and Shane talk about what happened in business and markets during the week.

All the happenings of the week that affect your wallet or paycheck in the re-broadcast below.

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