This tourist season burned me out, man. What I wouldn't give to get on a plane and go FAR away from here...just for a bit. I love Bozeman but I could use a break from it's "awesomeness". So, if you could scrape together $700 for a plane tickets (and travel restriction hoops could be jumped), just HOW FAR AWAY can you get?

Turns out, about $700 will get you pretty damned far away from Montana right now. Like, to places I've never even considered traveling to. Let's take a peek, shall we?

(NOTE: the following price quotes were accurate from Google Flights as on Monday, October 18th, 2021.) We searched for flexible dates, but just a week in duration.

Our experience shows that you can then tweak the desired days and stick very close to these quoted prices if you want to stay longer than just a week.

Bozeman to Moscow, Russia: $654 - Roundtrip on United/Lufthansa. 2 stops: Denver and Frankfurt. Total travel time = 22.5 hours. (Fri, Dec 3 – Thu, Dec 9.)

Google Flights

Bozeman to Oslo, Norway: $590 - Roundtrip on United/Brussels Airlines. 2 stops: Chicago and Brussels. Total travel time = 21 hours. (Mon, Nov 22 – Mon, Nov 29). If you prefer a different airline, there were similarly priced itineraries, but another stop along with the slightly higher price.

Bozeman to Rome, Italy: $588 - Roundtrip on Delta. 2 stops: Salt Lake City and JFK. Total travel time = Nearly 20 hours. (Thu, Nov 4 – Sat, Nov 13). There were a couple of slightly cheaper options for this trip on other airlines but the itineraries were not as good. Layover times not very realistic, FYI.

Google Flights

Bozeman to Istanbul, Turkey: $621 - Roundtrip on United/Lufthansa Airlines. 2 stops: Denver and Frankfurt. Total travel time = 17.5 hours. (Sat, Jan 15 – Mon, Jan 24). There is a similarly priced itinerary, with a much faster travel time. However, the layovers don't seem LONG ENOUGH just in case anything delays you.

Google Flights

Bozeman to Copenhagen, Denmark: $594 - Roundtrip on Delta/KLM. 2 stops: Salt Lake City and Amsterdam. Total travel time = 15 hours, 41 minutes. (Mon, Jan 17 – Tue, Jan 25). As with others, there are slightly cheaper itineraries, but the travel time was much longer and didn't need to be.

Google Flights

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