Bozeman, MONT. – Registration is now open for the 13th annual Huffing For Stuffing Thanksgiving Day run/walk. Huffing For Stuffing brings the community together to support our neighbors who rely on the Gallatin Valley Food Bank during a time of great need by providing a heart-healthy, family-oriented, FUN event! Event proceeds benefit HRDC's Gallatin Valley Food Bank. Thanks to your generosity and participation, Huffing for Stuffing raised $75,000 in 2018. Our event's twelve-year cumulative total is over $458,000 donated to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank!

In addition to providing funds for Gallatin Valley Food Bank, Huffing For Stuffing provides a platform to talk about food insecurity and the health issues that surround food-insecure households. People who experience food insecurity are not able to access food in a consistent manner. This results in reduced quality and reduced variety of diet. It may be hard to imagine people in our own community having to skip meals or purchase foods that are lower in nutritional value just to survive. Hunger and health are deeply connected, GVFB is committed to providing the healthiest options for everyone in our community.

Ninety-eight percent of our operating funds come from you, our community, so no investment in GVFB is too big or small. The bottom line is that everyone can help ensure this safety net exists for people in our community.

For more information about HRDC’s Gallatin Valley Food Bank or any other HRDC program or service visit
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