As the year starts to wind down and the holiday season begins, many Montanans take this time to reflect upon all they've gone through over the last several months.

It's been a rough year for many with the record-high cost of fuel, groceries, and housing across Montana. Many Montana families have had to pinch pennies and get creative with their budgets to make sure that ends meet.

Having said all of that, the truth is there is still much to be thankful for.

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We wanted to know what you're thankful for. What is it that you count among your cherished blessings? So we asked the question, and here's what some of you said:

Family and my dad who was a cop for 36 years and the fact he came home every night, and for all who have and still serving our country -Joan


My husband...after losing our daughter, my brother, my mom, two of my grandmothers, and his step-mom, all in 7 years, he has truly been my rock. -Teresea


I am thankful that after, over a year-long deployment, the kids get their daddy back and I get my husband back!! -Courtney


My Wife & Family -Jim


God, my family, friends, community, and freedom -Danell


My freedom, my family, my job.-Rhonda


Family and friends. -Vicki


God and family. -Karen

Thank you wooden blocks against shiny background.

It seems that for a whole lot of Montanans, it comes down to the three Fs. Faith, Family, and Freedom. There will be those that are cynical that will tell you how we're losing a lot of those blessings, and maybe to a certain extent, they're right.

However, as someone that spends a whole lot of team with people, I can tell you that there is so much goodness in not only this country, but right here in Montana. I see it every day. I see it when it comes to helping our veterans, helping our children, and helping our hungry and homeless.


I've lived all over the country, and I chose to come back to Montana because of just how incredibly special it is. It's not only blessed with beautiful scenery, but with beautiful people that have kind souls and are willing to help others.

So don't let the cynics fool you; we Montanans have so very much to be thankful for.

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