(Picture by Tom Egelhoff)
City Manager Chris Kukulski (Picture by Tom Egelhoff)

Bozeman City Manger Chris Kukulski joined Morning Show host Tom Egelhoff to let listeners know that the topic of food trucks will be discussed at the next city commission meeting.

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Food trucks in downtown Bozeman have been a hot topic in recent years. Restaurants complain that food trucks are a direct competition of their business with less regulation on them than a sit down restaurant.

They take up valuable parking spaces for local businesses and anyone who’s ever been downtown knows that parking is usually at a premium.

Food Truck Defense

In defense of the food truck vendors they are small business owners too.

They feel that as long as they operate safely and cleanly they have every right to provide a service to foot traffic on Main Street.

Some people are on the go and need something fast. So a quick stop at a food truck and you’re on your way back to work.

Some Final Thoughts

However, I don’t think any of us want wall-to-wall food trucks lining Main Street so there has to be a compromise of some kind.

This will be one of the issues the commissioners will discuss at the next City Commission meeting on Monday, February 13th.

Listen to the full interview with Tom and Chris Kukulski below.

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