Once again it would seem that our own Bozeman City Commission is their own worst enemy.

Costco Can Expand If …

As a little background on this topic, Costco requested permission to increase the size of their current Bozeman location in May of 2018. The request was approved by the City Commission provided — Costco spend $1 million dollars to improve the entrance to the business. A stoplight and street improvements were tied to the deal by the city.

Why Should Costco Stay?

While the intersection at Costco is not ideal it does get the job done. So why should Costco spend a cool million to put in a light where the only time it might be most useful is during Christmas shopping season?

Is Bozeman just too full of jobs that we have no problem losing a few? Costco, as a rule, pays their employees pretty well. Here are some price points for employees.

Is the loss of taxes, a proven commercial draw, and loss of jobs worth a million dollar intersection?

Some Final Thoughts

I remember when Walmart wanted to move to Bozeman the city commission at that time wanted a $400,000 fee to come to our city, plus low-cost housing on the upper part of the building and a shuttle bus to downtown.

Walmart did agree to an aesthetically pleasing facade and some landscaping but otherwise they were not going to locate in Bozeman.

Under public pressure the commission caved and rescinded their outrageous and ridiculous demands.

Costco should do the same thing. Belgrade will welcome Costco with open arms and I won’t mind driving a couple of extra miles in protest of our fair city.

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