November 5th made it official. Bozeman is once again a mecca of socialism due to the City Commission election. ‘

It’s only a matter of time before straws will not be outlawed in Bozeman.

Not since the days of Steve Kirchhoff, Marsha Youngman and Joe Frost have we had such committed leftists running the politics of Bozeman.

I suppose Bozeman gets the government they deserve since no conservative committed to running in this election.

So Bozemanites were left with three choices — left, lefter and leftist. Bozeman politics has taken a very sharp turn to the left.

Wasn’t This Predicted?

You only have to look at recent votes to see the direction of the Gang of Five. Increase water rates in case there’s a drought. Why you ask are we raising rates over something that may or may not occur?

Simple, we have to keep the people who take care of the water working. So, your trees ande lawn will be dying, but you’ll be paying the same rate.

They’ve also voted to annex county property that’s surrounded by the city. However, those in the county couldn’t vote for these property possessors.

Talk about taxation without representation.

Some Final Thoughts

Jobs and economic growth will take a back seat to social warrior causes. Don’t be surprised if streets are closed to traffic in lieu of oversized bike lanes.

Perhaps I’m overreacting to this election much like liberals did to the Trump presidential election.

I hope I’m wrong and cooler heads prevail but the lone objective voice in this group, Jeff Krauss, will be gone December 31st.

Look for a lot of 5-0 votes on the horizon. Public opinion be damned.

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