I think that American's that get to the level of national public office come from a background that I personally can't relate to and when they are at that level, they really lose touch with reality. For the President to say we are recovering, what is he looking at?

As President Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke flood the airwaves with lip service of an economy recovery, I wonder who's buying their message.  Unemployment remains high, house prices are lower than they were a year ago and now inflation has kicked in, contributing to increased energy and food costs.  Obama and Bernanke must be living in an alternative reality.  What recovery are they seeing?  They are not fooling the American people.  It is time Obama stepped back into our reality and start leading the nation into an actual recovery.

I just think that when you get to that level you need to stay in touch with the citizens even MORE than before you got to that level of service.