Mark Allen

What’s Up In Livingston [AUDIO]
Starting last week and each Thursday morning at 7:40 we are going to have a "What's up in Livingston" segment. Fellow Kiwanian Rich O'brian from Livingston is going to keep us posted on all thing's Livingston. If you have anything to add to the segment that you want Rich to talk about email him with the information at obrian@bresnan...
“M” Is Getting A New Coat Of Paint
Guess I won't be going to check out the new paint job on the M this year! Not with a newly replaced hip (it won't even be a month old by then). Sept. 15th from 8 am to Noon is when student volunteers will be heading to the M to freshen it up with a new coat of paint...
Is The City Of Bozeman Going To Go Broke [AUDIO]
During Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss' visit we covered some good topics. Obama's "You didn't build it" comment. Is Bozeman going to go bankrupt? And the problems with the Federal Government is going to trickle down to the municipalities. Jeff Krauss on 1450 KMMS

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