President Obama Delivers Farewell Address In Chicago
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There is no doubt President Obama likes the limelight. Big crowds turn out wherever he goes anywhere in the world.

He’s leaving office with an approval rating above 50 percent. Not quite as high as Bill Clinton’s 66 percent.

When he’s on the ballot — and his policies and proposals are on the ballot— he wins. When he’s not on the ballot — but his policies and proposals are — he loses.

A Winning Loser?

Let’s face facts. We like the guy — as a guy. He’s a guy you’d shoot hoops with, drink a beer with, but not someone who did a particularly good job of running the country.

Losing over 1,000 seats in legislatures across the nation does not speak well of your presidential policies.

State control also went down during the Obama presidency.

As of the last election Republican’s hold 33 governorships to 16 by Democrats and one independent.

The President really got the first bad news in the 2014 election when the number of states with total Democrat control was cut from 14 to just seven. That’s the lowest number since the Civil War.

Republican’s now control the legislatures in 32 states, which cover 61 percent of the population and 17 with veto proof majorities. Pretty much able to pass whatever they want.

Democrats control just 13 states that represent just 28 percent of the population and only four are veto proof.

Plus he's the only President in history that's been at war all 8 years of his presidency.

Some Final Thoughts

The majority of voters before the last election indicated that they believed the country was headed in the wrong direction.

But they really liked the person doing the leading. But when the two were put together in the voting booth the former came out on top.

So I guess in the final summation if you’re a Democrat then you like both the man and his policies. If you’re a Republican you still like the guy you just believe he sucks at being President.

So for the foreseeable future President Obama will take Bill Clinton’s place and be pulled out as the hero of the party at future Democrat conventions and probably be consulted on future party politics. Probably on what not to do.

Did we hear his last public speech? Don’t count on it.

While past Presidents have a history of not commenting on current Presidents, I think that ship will sail on January 21st.

I think President Obama will happily second-guess his successor on every possible occasion whether asked or not.

Should he just go … or do we want the name calling and second-guessing to continue?

As long as someone considers it news, I guess President Obama will always get some press. What are your thoughts?

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