The whole world seems to be up in arms over Donald Trump’s tax returns. Why won’t he release them?

What’s he hiding? Low income? Big losses? ISIS money? Inquiring minds want to know.

I guess I’m not one of those inquiring minds because I doubt that released or not Trump’s returns will answer very few questions.

Middle Class Tax Return vs. Rich Tax Return

Last time around Mitt Romney ran against President Obama. What did his tax return tell you about him? You can view his return here.

He’s rich and never said he wasn’t.

What did you learn from his return that would have changed your vote?

That he paid the least amount of taxes possible and you did exactly the same thing?

I don’t see anything unless you’re bigoted against rich people.

You can view presidential tax returns all the way back to Franklin D. Roosevelt here.

Do you feel better knowing what FDR paid? President Obama? Biden? Bush? Palin?

Do you even know what you’re looking at?

What number are you looking for? Adjusted Gross Income? Amount of tax paid? Charitable donations? Off Shore Accounts?

Would you even know where to look for those items on a tax return?

Some Final Thoughts

In my opinion the release of income tax returns is much like looking at the National Inquirer on the shelf in the checkout line.

Oh well, no scandal here — what about his or her health records surely there’s something there.

It’s a colossal waste of time.

And if anything in a candidates return is illegal, immoral or fattening wouldn’t the IRS do something?

They don’t normally give people a pass. Think Wesley Snipes.

I mean that is their one and only job — finding tax cheats.

The poorest president in history according to most records was Harry Truman. In fact after his presidential term ended he had to drive himself back to Missouri.

The richest was either George Washington or Thomas Jefferson depending on how you calculate net worth.

Maybe Trump will finally release his return, and maybe he won’t, but either way I doubt there is anything the average person will find that will change their minds about voting, or not voting for Trump.

Anyone can find a positive or a negative if that’s all you’re looking for.

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