The great American pastime used to be Major League Baseball. Now it seems to be finding ways to make us, the populous, worry.

The Ebola Virus, climate change, free speech, the rich, North Korea, healthcare, taxes, Donald Trump, statues, flags, Muslims, immigrants, cops, military, sex, drugs, rock n roll, the list goes on and on.

Whatever your grievances against the United States might be — there’s a group for you that will be happy to worry right along with you.

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho,

You know the drill so-and-so’s got to go. It’s amazing how many groups we have with so many issues vying for camera time.

Every cop shooting trial ends in a riot. You want to give a speech? Retailers board up your windows because free speech is only free if it’s speech your group agrees with.

Masks on —clubs at the ready. A conservative speaker is coming to Berkley.

North Korea

Here’s the worry of the week. President Obama drew red lines in the sand that were meaningless. No worries there.

President Trump says we will eliminate North Korea if attacked and everyone’s worry barometer goes to the top.

I guess some people are worried that his comment might just have some teeth in it.

Healthcare And Taxes

We all want healthcare — we all don’t want taxes. Unfortunately it takes one to pay for the other. So we have another conundrum to worry about.

The people in charge of both seem to have no clue. When was the last time you wrote your senator or representative — if ever?

Most of us make sure we don’t miss “The Voice” rather than worry about what next year’s income tax bill will be or healthcare premiums.

Some Final Thoughts

What’s the reasoning behind all this fear and worry? If I can keep you worried I can control you. If I’m in control you’re going to look to me for relief from your problems.

I only need to promise — but rarely deliver. Do you really think our leaders want taxes lowered? Do you really believe they want healthcare to be affordable?

If either of those things come to pass what do I need them for?

Our leaders have two choices — compromise and do the right thing or fight among themselves for their own survival. You do the math.

I think you’ll come up with the same answer I did.

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