Which sign would you prefer to have in front of your child's school?  Gun-Free Zone or Armed and Trained Personnel Inside?  How insane it is for us to think that a Gun-Free Zone will actually protect our children.  We have armed guards securing our money at the bank.  The President has Secret Service agents as does the Cabinet.  Movie stars hire armed bodyguards.  The Israelis have armed teachers and their school children are safe,  but we in America insist that our most precious assets, our children, be nearly defenseless in our schools today! Outrageous!

Earlier this week, Tea Partiers and AFP activists around the state were concerned that local State Rep. Kerry White was proposing a pro-Agenda 21 bill, HB169. Having known Kerry for 10+ years, I tried to reassure them that, although the language in this Montana Code which would be amended looked like Agenda 21 planning, the amendment called for Coordination of local governments with federal agencies should federal land control and management policies be considered.  Sure enough, when Rep. White joined us on the show this morning, this is precisely what the bill does.  It will be heard today, Thursday at 3:00 PM.  Listen Live by clicking here and scrolling down to the House Local Government Committee.

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