I could look up when I first got on Facebook but that would be so time consuming. For the sake of time saving let’s just say it’s been a few years.

During that time, I’ve make some great friends that I got to know on Facebook but have not yet met in real life.

Why are we cyber friends and not flesh and blood friends? — because we have similar interests and enjoy each other’s points of view.

I’ve been able to connect with many childhood and college friends.

I can’t remember being very political in high school or college. I was out of college about the time college mush minds began demonstrating for everything from save the whales to the sage grouse.

Facebook has confirmed that those I used to know who had no political views now have unbending, etched in stone, it’s my way of the highway, you’re an idiot, political points of view.

For some these points of view transcend friendships we once had. Disagree with me and I will unfriend you in a heartbeat. Our history of friendship be damned.

For a time, it was fun battling those with differing points of view. Sort of like a back and forth tennis game.

We would exchange proof of our positions from our favorite conservative and liberal web sites. I amassed an entire folder to keep all my documents by topic.

The president, global warming, abortion, gun control, freedom of speech, oil, gulf war, voting, Republican, Democrat, etc.

Armed with all my research the battle was on. Well here’s my proof — Oh Yeah, that’s old info here’s my proof. And back and forth we’d go.

The goal in this game of position was to prove your opponent’s proof was fake news or at best outdated or inaccurate. If you could do that — WINNER!

Next topic please.

Some Final Thoughts

This past Sunday I decided that the game had ended for me. Not leaving Facebook but leaving the political battlefield by being more discriminating in my posts or answers to posts.

Posting things that bring a smile rather than an argument are giving me more satisfaction these days.

There are more than enough dedicated souls to pick up the staff and carry on in my stead.

Life is too short to dwell on the party talking points of the day especially when I don’t get a vote in congress.

Will Trump be impeached? I don’t care. Will Trump be re-elected? I don’t care.

I’d much rather watch a video of your cat or some cool recipe that will be a culinary disaster when we attempt it.

That, in my opinion, is the real value of Facebook.

Let’s bring people together with what we share — not what we oppose. Comments below.

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