On the April 7th edition of Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff and Shane Montalban taxes were a hot topic.

Guests in the third hour included Montana Regional Outreach Director of Americans for Prosperity, Henry Kriegel, and State Director David Herbst, in studio to talk about taxes.

The Trump Tax Bill

As most everyone knows Congress passed a sweeping tax bill that should put more money in Montana taxpayer’s pockets.

One Open for Business caller realized over $9,000 in tax reduction. And Montanans should see cheaper utility bills since any tax reduction must be passed on to users by law.

Your tax payment will be a little later this year. You have to have them in by midnight April 17th because the 15th is on a Sunday and the 16th is a holiday in the District of Columbia.

Enjoy keeping your money for an extra two days.

Listen to this informative interview below (there is a short 10 sec before it begins) and learn more about the tax bill and the big event Americans for Prosperity have planned in Bozeman on the evening of Tues, April 17th.

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