Here's yet another place in downtown Bozeman you will have to pay a premium for if you want to stay in the heart of the city. 

Downtown Bozeman is set to see a new luxury hotel open this March 2022, right off Main Street. The AC Hotel by Marriott is on Tracy Avenue and right next to The Elementopposite The Armory - both spendy options for downtown overnight stays. So the question is, does downtown Bozeman need another luxury hotel? 

The AC Hotel by Marriott will open with some expectations in less than two months. The AC Hotel describes itself to have European-inspired breakfast and craft beer or cocktails to go with tapas in their AC Lounge. The new hotel will have a rooftop area for people to enjoy drinks and enjoy the scenery in Bozeman. 

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

We looked at the rooms for The AC Hotel, and the first available prices (starting in April 2022) are standard for upscale hotel prices in Bozeman. They range from $221 to $270, depending on what kind of room - and view - you get. The AC Hotel will be the fifth hotel run by Marriott in Bozeman. We didn't know this until today, but The Element is also run by Marriott. So they essentially have two hotels right next to each other. 

One of our questions is where are guests supposed to park their cars unless they are sharing the already cramped parking lot with The Element? The hotel's website offers "off-site" parking for $1 per hour with valet parking for $30 per day, but the parking situation in downtown Bozeman is crazy enough as it is without adding another 140-odd room hotel to the mix. 

The AC Hotel will have to answer these questions quickly because they are set to open in March 2022 and are taking reservations right now, but we're pretty sure they won't have trouble filling up their rooms once late spring and summer hit. 

For more details, check out The AC Hotel. 

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