I will say that their pool is super cool, but with rates well over $1,000 a night, you knew that Montana locals were going to have a few comments to share about the new luxury resort.

As local media outlets shared the news about the luxury resort being open, those blogs and articles made their way to various social media platforms. One look at the luxurious pictures and our old-school locals were off to the races as far as comments went.

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How expensive is this new luxury hotel in Big Sky? Well, let's put it this way...I spent a good 20 minutes randomly plugging in dates for reservations (with different stay durations) and the least expensive room I could find was $1,059 per night for a "Deluxe Vista King" in the middle of April. (I will say that during that same time period there's a 5 bedroom suite you can book for over $12,000 per night!)

Where exactly is Montage Big Sky? Here's where you'll find it on Google Maps:

Montage Big Sky - Google Maps
Montage Big Sky - Google Maps
  • "When huge lodges like that used to be built, they were for the public. Now it's for the ultra rich."
  • "More poop dumping in the Gallatin, coming up!"
  • "the development of Big Sky is destroying the rivers there. Those blue-ribbon fishing streams don't stand a chance"
  • "y'all need to stop complaining. The 'residences' start at 1.5 mill. That's a screamin' bargain!"
  • "pricing us locals right on out. Most can hardly afford to live in this state anymore. Why would we embrace this?!"
  • "I'll stick with Red Lodge!"
  • "I don't have luggage good enough for this place"
  • "There can't possibly be enough worker housing up there to staff a place this big"
  • "We have skied Big Sky for 35 years and sadly it is becoming too expensive for us native Montanans. Makes me very sad."
  • "I don’t even recognize Montana any more. It had changed so much!"
  • "Nice looking addition to the California suburb"
  • "Rich and shameless."
  • "Gotta have a place for the Yellowstone club members' side pieces."
  • "just like the super bowl is for the ultra rich now too"
  • "Montana needs more than having its economy stimulated. We'd like to keep it the last best place. Things like this are making that difficult."
  • "WTAF. $7,000 a night? This is too rich for rich people"

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