This shop does have a lot of great stuff if you want to get a cute little gift for friends or family. 

I was walking in Downtown Bozeman, checking out all the St. Patrick's Day festivities, and I came across a brand new store that has opened in Downtown Bozeman. The Montana Shirt Co. is located in what used to be an old art gallery location. 

The Montana Shirt Co. has items that range from hoodies to shirts to great Montana accessories that many folks will love when visiting Bozeman. The logos are all Montana, Bozeman, or Yellowstone National Park-themed. The items that caught my eye were the fantastically designed koozies. 

The funny part about researching The Montana Shirt Co. is that their Bozeman location is their second location. The flagship shop is located in Whitefish, Montana, and has had great success. 

The only problem with their Bozeman spot is that are they too late to gain excitement? Downtown Bozeman is slammed with many shops that cater to tourists year-round. In Downtown Bozeman alone, there are seven shops alone that sell the same apparel as them but just a bit different. 

The nice thing is that The Montana Shirt Co. is in downtown Bozeman and being on Main Street is a huge plus. This store will have constant foot traffic all day, every single day of the week. This summer is setting up to be one of the busiest summers Bozeman will ever see. 

If you are looking to grab a fun Montana or Bozeman gift for a friend from out of state, you might want to check out The Montana Shirt. Co. 

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