“Is all about the children.” How many times have we heard that rhetoric?  For Inge Paolini, author No Brats Allowed!, it isn't just talk or words on a page.   It’s a mission.  Inge and her husband Marco joined me last Thursday to discuss the book and the experiences from her family and personal life that shaped the book.  Setting boundaries early in life, teaching your child what is right and wrong early in life, not talking to them like a baby, following your gut and your instinct, never shaming or embarrassing them are some of the principles Inge shares.   The book is a treasure of personal stories with commentary (unedited I’m told) from each family member.  A mother of three, a registered nurse and former doula (birth and labor coach who coached my step-daughter through the birth of her first baby—a great story I’ll tell some other time), Inge brings a deep knowledge base that even licensed professionals  specializing in the field may not be able to touch.  Check out her book No Brats Allowed! and listen to the archive of the show by clicking below.

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