#StandWithRand has excited literally thousands of Americans as Senator Rand Paul held an 13 hour plus filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination as CIA Director.  Paul filibustered the nomination in order to get a straight answer from the Administration.

Does the President believe it is lawful to use drones on non-combatant Americans on US soil?

In more than three months of asking the question, he couldn’t get a straight answer.  Until Thursday, when Attorney General Eric Holder gave a three sentence response.  Commenting on Holder's answer, Sen. Paul said that he was satisfied with the response.  "I'm quite happy with the answer," the Republican senator from Kentucky said. "I'm disappointed it took a month and a half and a root canal to get it, but we did get the answer."

I began watching the filibuster beginning at 5:00 PM after receiving a facebook notice and afterwards was glued.  Even when I took my dog on a walk I had my Smartphone connected to CSPAN-2 and I walked hard listening the Sen. Paul and then Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas talk about the legal and constitutional issues. When I got back home, my friend Nick Landeros began working with the MSU YAL, which he co-founded, to organize a Stand With Rand Rally.

On Thursday morning I had two young guests, Kendall Cotton and Patrick Webb talk about their concerns.  It was great to hear these young men talk about freedom and the threats inherent in this drone program. Later in the day, Webb and Cotton were joined by more than 30 fellow students and community members in front of the Gallatin County Court House. After some brief speeches, the crowd went to the offices of Sens. Baucus and Tester to request their support of Rand Paul.  Click here to see interviews of participants, the rally in front Sen. Baucus' office and the exchange with Sen. Tester's staff person.

MSU YAL is a group of 60 plus strong who meet regularly on campus to discuss the like of Tom Woods, Ludwig von Mises as well as plan activities like their upcoming Generation of War event.  A number of them worked for Steve Daines’ for Congress campaign.

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Henry Kriegel is a lifelong activist, talk show host and co-founding member.of the Bozeman Tea Party.

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