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We all have one. Some of us are aware of it; but many are not. So what’s yours?

Chances are you don’t have super strength, flying ability, or invulnerability.

But most of us do have some form of super power that is exclusively ours.

Some Common Super Powers

Here are a few super powers you might not be aware you have but with a little concentration you will probably smack your forehead and say, “OH YEAH, I’ve Got That!”

  • Math Powers: There are many that are math wizards. Figures just seem so simple to them while the rest of us struggle with 2+2.
  • Artistic: Some of us can draw, paint, and sculpt to a high degree while the rest of us draw lame stick figures.
  • Persuasion: Just listen to your nearest politician or late night TV infomercial. The mental powers to effortlessly influence those around you to think like they do.
  • Parenting: Ever wonder why your kids are monsters while other people’s kids are perfect little angels? The answer is obvious — Super Parenting Powers. You’re raising inmates for Deer Lodge while they’re raising Nobel Prize Winners.
  • Arguing: We all know those people that no matter how hard you try they always seem to win the argument. Even with flawed logic they will eventually wear you down to submission. It’s best to just agree that Climate Change is real and move on.
  • Salesmanship: We all know natural born salespersons. They always make the sale, take home big bucks and everyone loves them. A lucrative super power.
  • Sheer Luck: These are the people who win the Lottery — twice. They always find a way into the winner’s circle. We find a penny on the sidewalk they find $100 bills.

Some Final Thoughts

While this is only a short list of common super powers I bet they hit home with some of you.

My super power? I’ve always been able to talk myself out of trouble. It’s a gift for sure.

What’s your super power?

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