The Montana Family Foundation wants to pass a law saying men and only men can use the men's public restroom. Also, women and only women can use the women public restrooms. Sounds simple, but it's not.

People who claim they are transgender want to use the restroom NOT designated by their birth but based on whatever sex they think they are.

Members of the foundation, who will be on my show, Dominick In The Morning, next week say they are doing this to protect “the privacy, safety and dignity” of children and help guard the kids against sexual predators.

Now, when I lived in California this was a big issue, but no one seemed to care about transgender people in Bozeman. That is until this morning when headlines in the Bozeman Chronicle and the Associated Press read “Montana Initiative Would Limit Transgender Use of Bathrooms."

People started calling my show; they were upset. They support what The Montana Family Foundation is doing.

The ACLU and others who support the idea of letting transgenders use any bathroom because they want say it's discrimination. They promise lawsuits and say if this passes, Montana will lose millions of dollars. They point to North Carolina which passed a similar law and say they have lost about $3.7 billion in revenue.

Major companies who don't want to offend transgenders pulled out of deals with North Carolina. PayPal - out. Deutsche Bank - out. Major sporting events - out.

Montana's ACLU director S.K. Rossi says “it's a dangerous initiative” and warns that the Montana Family Foundations position will hurt the state.

When I moved to Bozeman and started working at this radio station, I walked past the station's restrooms. The men's room said “Men” and the women's room said “Women Only."

I don't know what that means, and have never asked. But I think this subject is something our state is going to have to deal with.


(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

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