Wednesday I see the Bozeman judge. I have sinned. I drove my car and didn't know a computer in California took my picture, found me guilty of driving through a traffic light and took away my right to drive for not showing up in court.
I was in Montana when I found out by almost getting arrested for driving with a suspended California drivers license. I may be put in jail. My listeners are trying to help me, but they are making it worse.
Dominick did you know that Montana will not give you a driver's license until you pay all fines to California, so today call California DMV, pay the fine. Then you can tell the judge in Bozeman that you are square with California. Also, to work in this state, you should have a Montana license that used to be the law. If you would have done this the week you moved here all this would not of happen. DMV would have told California, suspend your license.
Bill Barber
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Hey Dom:
The judge will likely point out you should have obtained MT drivers license and car registration within 30 days of moving here.  Another $1000 in fines ... 😞
Mike Comstock
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Hi Dominick
You better get your ticket in Cali dismissed before going before a Montana judge.   And show proof that it was a red light camera.   Judges here have no sympathy.   And they really don't like Californians especially.  A New York/Californian is two strikes against you.  Hire Jennifer to help you.
Bill Bonham
California fine is about $2,000. Maybe $1,000. For Bozeman and Uber rides, like $200. And I am told I have two strikes against me because I am from New York and California.
One caller told me that the government makes us break the law. If I drive my car, I would be breaking the law, but I am so tempted.
When I run out of money for Uber rides, how will I get to work without breaking the law?
Everything I know about jail is from movies. According to the movies, I can only do two things to keep myself safe in jail. One, find the biggest toughest guy and in the middle of the jail yard punch him in the face. If I do this no one will dare bother me. Or two, find just one guy who is tough and will protect becoming his "wife."
Jail or freedom, I will let you know what happens.
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