A 73-year-old man may have been bothering drivers by shining a flashlight in motorists' eyes. Police were call to the home of James Smith to investigate. Smith, whose daughter said her father was sometimes confused and disorientated, was arrested.

According to police, the 73-year-old attacked the officers when they entered his house. Smith must have put up one hell of a fight because his daughter says he suffered skull fractures and a concussion.

Today on my show, Dominick In The Morning, my listeners wondered how a confused old man could be a threat to young healthy police officers. After the arrest, Mr. Smith fell into a coma and was hospitalized.

Smith was arrested on, according to the Associated Press, "suspicion of assaulting an officer."

I'm a police guy, on my show I always give the cops the benefit of the doubt. But this seems fishy. What could this 73-year-old man have done to get such a beat-down? And if a police office could do this to a 73-year-old man, what would they do to a young guy or girl?

This happened in May, and Montana officials are reviewing the actions of this cop. According to Smith's daughter, his confusion and disorientation have gotten worse since the incident.

The Montana Department of Justice is conducting a use-of-force investigation.

Here is a Dominick In The Morning  investigation:

"Come on, he was a 73-year-old, confused old man. How could the police be so scared that they beat him to a pulp? They behaved badly. End of story" .


(The Associated Press contributed to this story)




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