According to this week’s Rasmussen poll of more than 1,000 likely voters, only 8% now consider themselves a part of the Tea Party movement—down from the 24-30%, depending on the poll, of a little less than two years ago. This is a significant drop in support and not one that is unexpected considering the media onslaught and the concerted efforts by The White House, Democrat leaders in Congress, and some Republicans who feared their growing influence.

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How did this happen and more importantly, why?  One caller suggested that the drop in popularity is due to the perception that the Tea Party has been co-opted by the GOP. Not.  This is usually the accusation from those who simply don't want to get involved or don't like that the Tea Party hasn't taken up "their issue."  More importantly, what will the Tea Party movement locally be doing moving forward in 2013 and beyond was the point of discussion on today’s, January 10th edition of my talk show.  To find out how you can influence the direction of the Tea Party, the local Bozeman Tea Party is holding its annual members’ meeting and strategy session Saturday, January 19th at the Best Western GranTree. To register or for more information click here.

Also discussed was VP Biden’s comments, as reported yesterday in the Daily Caller, that the President is considering a gun-grabbing Executive Order.  Here’s what Biden said, "The president is going to act.  There are executives orders, there's executive action that can be taken. We haven't decided what that is yet. But we're compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required."    This would be a game-changer and could trigger civil unrest if attempted. Remedies discussed were the County Sheriff’s exerting their Constitutional authority as the leading local law enforcement officer prohibiting a federal gun grab to a bill protecting gun ownership that could also be turned into a voter referendum, if vetoed by Governor Bullock.

Today Biden met with leaders of the NRA and other gun rights groups and was joined by Attorney General Eric Holder, infamous for his alleged role in Fast and Furious.  Holder's participation sparked concern among gun rights advocates and rightfully so.   If you're a Mexican druglord, no problem.  Holder's folks will get your AR-15's.  But if you're an American on American soil, you may want to watch out.

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