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Groups It’s OK to Criticize
Thanks to our politically correct climate in modern day America there are large groups of people that it’s perfectly OK to bash with no expectation of retaliation.
Why Obama Will Win In November: Tom’s Opinion
I take a lot of abuse from my conservative friends for this belief, but it’s not based on emotion. It’s based on the reality of marketing, advertising and promotion. In those three areas the Democrats clearly do a much better job than the Republicans.
Is The Tea Party Too Much For Montana?
Tea Partiers continue to cause gasps in the Montana legislature. Even Republicans in the state are calling the Tea Party backed bills a laughingstock for Montana. One such proposal is asking for it to be legal to hunt big game -- with a spear.
Internet Battlegrounds
The internet grants immense power to everyone that uses it. The power to learn and the power to persuade. But what happens when that power is used to shield and obstruct certain views and beliefs from being known?