Many of our listeners have voiced a concern for the size of the $23 Trillion National Debt in the US.

Is the National Debt a serious concern or just a number too large to comprehend? Here are the myths and truths of the debt explained in simple language.

To shed some light on this topic I contacted Dr. Steve Conover whose done extensive studies on the debt.

Steve Conover retired recently from a 35-year career in corporate America. He has a BS in engineering, an MBA in finance, and a PhD in political economy.

Steve is also the author of the book, Neutering the National Debt: How Reagan Got It Right, and How Today’s Left and Right Get It Wrong

In this interview Steve directly answers callers and texters questions and concerns about what effect debt has on the American, as well as, the world economy.

Listen to this very informative interview with Dr. Steve Conover Ph.D.

Other National Debt articles by Steve Conover include: Putting the Debt in Context,” “A Business Perspective on the Federal Debt,” “The Tea Party and the Debt Ceiling vs. Economic Growth,” andHow to Reduce the Debt Burden for Future Generations.”

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