Adrian Grenier Runs The New Years Resolution - Run A Better Life - 5k, 10k & 15k
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Remember those etched-in-stone, keep-them-at-all-costs resolutions you made back on January 1?

According to the experts you gave up on your diet on January 20th. Less than three weeks.

Changing your lifelong habits is not easy. Stopping smoking, eating less, exercising more are all things our bodies naturally resist.

It takes time to condition the body to where it becomes happy with the abuse you inflict upon it.

When you’re used to 3,000 calories per day, cutting back to 1,500 is going to be met with some resistance by your tummy.

I have read somewhere that in order to form a habit you have to do the same thing in the same way for at least 21 days.

That would work great for most people if every product that contained sugar were taken off our shelves. On day 20 without a doughnut, the mental waterboarding begins. I NEED SUGAR!!

Some Final Thoughts

The great thing about New Year's Resolutions is you can remake them. You didn’t fail, you were just testing — pacing yourself — in your quest to success.

If you start up again, you’ve got six days left until the end of the month. So you made it for all but five day and look — February only 28 days.

You can do it.

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