Every election “voter suppression” buzz words start making the rounds. I think it's high time someone, that would be me, sets the record straight on this ongoing myth.

Voter suppression only seems to be a concern to the left side of the political aisle. I’ve tried to decipher what voter suppression is and so far, I’ve come up empty.

My left leaning friends would be quick to tell me that I don’t have a handle on the societal makeup of our nation.

Apparently, there's a vast right-wing clandestine conspiracy to keep people of color from getting anywhere near a voting booth.

Why is that?

Who Is Being Suppressed?

The left seems to feel that things like identification, voter registration, should be set aside for minorities.

For some reason the left seems to feel that they have a lock on these minorities and if they are unable to vote then all is lost.

Never mind that the left has done little to improve their lives — other than try to make them completely dependent on government from cradle to grave.

As it turns out the Great Society of President Lyndon Johnson is not all that great.

So, what about the Republican minorities? Aren’t they also being suppressed? It’s not like they can hide their ethnicity when they register to vote unless they have Michael Jackson incomes and can lighten their hue.

Is every voter registration employee in on this conspiracy? Do they have monthly meetings to come up with rejection points when Tyrone or José walk in to register?

Can’t The Left See The Insults?

According to the left minorities are incapable of acquiring the proper paperwork required by their states to register to vote.

To correct this failing let’s just dump all ID’s and let folks vote as often as they like. Not sure that’s the best answer.

How insulting! Are these minorities just stupid? It sure seems like the left feels that way. Is city hall or the DMV somehow hidden from them?

I wonder how they’re able to survive the day to day need to prove who they are?

I guess they’re too stupid to have home loans, apartment rentals, cars, bank accounts, credit cards, or electricity, water, gas, and heat, etc.

Think I’ve misjudged the left? Enjoy this video.

Some Final Thoughts

People are people no matter their color or heritage. Intelligence doesn’t know color. Anyone who can function in society can acquire the necessary documents to vote in this country.

Insulting races of people and assuming they are somehow victims of the very people they vote for seems somehow oxymoronic.

If you’re discriminated against while trying to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed franchise, there are plenty of avenues of recourse available to every American regardless of color.

The only thing I ask is this — if you plan to vote be an informed voter. Study the issues and candidates before voting for a yard sign or believing a TV spot.

All politics are local — how you vote affects how you’ll live till the next election. Just vote.

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