One company has come up with an incredible housing alternative, and it could be a hit with many young adults looking to stay in the Bozeman area long term. 

Housing has become a real issue in Bozeman over the past several years. House, condo, and townhome prices have skyrocketed and pushed out many locals who can't afford to live here anymore. Even the rental market is getting out of hand. No one can afford to live by themselves anymore, which is both frustrating and sad. 

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So the question is: what can we do to fix or help alleviate the housing crisis in the Gallatin Valley? Well, we might have a solution. 

MADI is a portable building company that is based in Italy and is changing the game for housing. MADI builds simple houses that are portable but can become permanent structures, and they're extremely affordable. 

Each of these houses is spacious and can work for folks who live alone or have a family. Plus, the designs are incredible. You only need a team of three to build one module and it takes a mere six hours to finish. 

The best part about these houses is that if you need more space, you can add more modules onto your current one to expand. Plus, most of these homes can become self-sustainable, energy-wise, with solar panels. 

Not only does MADI make homes, but they also have plans to turn multiple modules into apartment complexes

These houses would be perfect in a little suburb in the Gallatin Valley, and for less than $200,000, they'd be considered a steal here. 

MADI via Facebook
MADI via Facebook

MADI currently doesn't sell outside of Italy, but they plan to expand world-wide. The City of Bozeman would be foolish not to consider these structures, or others of this type, as a possible solution to the increasingly concerning housing problem. 

The A-frame houses would be perfect for a single young adult like me, or a young couple. Plus, it would be beautiful during the winter. How cool would it be to be able to afford a permanent home in the Gallatin Valley?

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