I am planting both feet firmly on the internet-way of communicating. And I'll do my best to not waste your time with chit-chat; life is busy and hectic enough. Most my time is spent on health-related issues, but occasionally something else itches me enough that I have to scratch!

Do I have problems with how inadequate, brown-nosing, egotistical, cheating, misinformed, seemingly untouchable, and propped-up politicians stick their neck out? YOU BETCHA! But the depth, individual values and (sometimes comical) variety of opinions of the hard-working American people on the different issues, make it a topic of continued interest. And there are some very talented, dedicated and smart local/regional politicians, who sadly will never be elected for national office.

Do I like sports? LOVE IT! But I only know a little about a lot of sports, and a lot about a few. So, please go easy on me.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle? WHAT IS DRIVING THEM? Too much attention going to Bobcat sports; no review of events that were advertised heavily, or only a photo without report; strange choices of what should be front-page news.

My music choices? VARIED and DEPEND ON MY MOOD. I am not a fan of modern Classical music, whose composers must have been drinking something funny, or had a bad case of indigestion; at least that's what it sounds like to me. Modern experimental Jazz is rough on me too, but I like the original stuff with the big names such as Count, Oscar, Toots, Stan, Brubeck, Louis and Ella, Sarah,etc. Locally I have enjoyed our hard-working talented success stories Adam & Alex Platt, Kelly Roberti, Jeni Fleming Trio, Backburner, Eddy T. and Ilse-Marie Lee.

I also enjoy Willy, Grisman, Riders, Patsy and Garth; as well as 60's, 70's and some Hip-Hop (my kids' fault). And, partly because of my European upbringing I enjoy Operetta, a little Opera, and a lot of classical music, primarily Baroque, Renaissance and solo work.

As far as the Entertainment industry is concerned, I glance over it, read a little here and there, and a truly believe that we have the most talented artists in this country. Some are troubled, but many are inspiring. For years I haven't followed the gossip lines, so I'm unfamiliar with several newbies.

$tockmarket? is not my $trong point, nor doe$ it $eem of those on Wall$treet. However, I'm pretty good with numbers.

Life and Death issues? Very interesting and I know you can talk to both...

Technology? I really admire what this country, and others around the world have done and are doing. Personally I have been credited with excellence when taking things apart, but always end-up with a few spare parts when putting things back together...

So, now you know how to hit me where it hurts. If I focus on constructive comments, and you help me by doing the same, then this could be the beginning of a long friendship.

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