Every year for the past 40 plus years I’ve had the United States government come calling every April 15th for their pound of flesh. (April 17th this year.)

I’ve never really gotten a good explanation as to why the IRS needs my hard-earned money so badly?

I realize that there’s a cost for teachers, and police and firefighters, roads, bridges, schools, etc. but what about those big fat cat corporations that I read about every day that pay zero in taxes? What’s up with that?

To be fair I do realize that every corporate tax dollar is taxed twice. Once on the profit the corporation makes and again when that profits passed to the shareholder as income.

And also, to be fair I do know that corporations don’t pay taxes they collect them from us when we buy products or services from them.

So, in essence we pay the taxes for those fat cats and yet the feds still want to pry my wallet open for more?

What society on earth would ever condone behavior like that? I guess this one.

We Didn’t Always Have An Income Tax

Income tax dates back to the Civil War when it was first imposed to help pay war costs. Then it was resurrected again during WW I to finance that exercise and the politicians sort of fell in love with it.

WW II came along quickly, and society knew that it was necessary to go to war, and reluctantly accepted it again.

Not only did we finance those two wars, but they also picked our pockets during the Great Depression at the same time. Talk about gall.

Over the years, regardless of high or low unemployment, good times or bad, Uncle Sam is there with his hand out till death do us part.

Some Final Thoughts

We used to finance this nation just fine with fees and tariffs for our goods and services before the onslaught of the income tax.

Many people feel we should go back to that practice. It sure seemed to work fine for almost 100 years. What say you? Comments below.

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