Shane started us off with the US and world markets reporting that currently everything is looking pretty good.

Oil, while up for a time, slid back below $70 and the ten-year bond did make it over $3 during the week but fell back to below $2 by Friday.

Gold and silver remained steady for the week. Shane also reported on those items that might be affected by the president’s tariffs such as soybeans, steel, pork and aluminum.

Tesla took a beating in the press, but the stock held steady in spite of some negative reporting on the controversial reporting.

Tom and Shane also reported on weekly employee earnings, manufacturing numbers, workforce participation, the debt and more.

Tom and Shane took a stab at explaining the difference between government debt and personal debt.

Private sector jobs moved into the 23 million mark which is another good sign of a growing economy.

Listen below to find out what's going on with your paycheck and how to keep more in your pocket.

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