Years ago, back when I hosted a radio talk show, I would spend lots of time watching the 24-hour news channels. I, like most folks, had my preference, and like most folks, my preference tended to line up with my political views.

I wasn't new to the whole "Talk Radio" game, in fact, I had a couple of stints in the format.  However, I found myself increasingly angry.  The more that I would watch the news, the more that I would read articles about politics and government, which would result in me just being more upset.

So I walked away from it.  I got out of the talk radio business and I stopped watching the news and just unplugged from the whole crazy political scene.

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Don't get me wrong, I try to stay on top of things as best as I can.  While I'm no longer glued to a 24-hour news channel, I do still have my views and opinions. However, I've also noticed that I often find myself disgusted with both political parties or at least the people that have been elected to represent them.

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That's why I was a little alarmed when I came across some information about the people rising up against the government and apparently, each other. Yep, a full-blown uprising is being talked about across the United States.

Oh, and it's not just one side, it's both.

According to information from The Hill, two-thirds of Republicans and Independents believe that the Government is "corrupt and rigged against people like me". Ok, but what about the other side?  Surprisingly, 51 percent of liberal voters believe the same thing.

I'm not sure what's more shocking, the fact that the majority of Americans believe the Government is corrupt or the fact that conservatives and liberals agree on something.


The findings also point out that almost one-third of Americans believe the time is coming that they will have to take up arms against the government. Think about that for a moment.  This is no longer some sort of "militia" fringe group spouting off what many think are crazy beliefs, this is darn near 33 percent of Americans saying, not only is this Government completely unfit, but it might be time to use force to remove them.

So where do Montanans stand?  What do we think about all of this?  Do we believe that the time may come to arm ourselves against the government?  Do we think that a civil war might be around the corner?

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