I fly enough to have frequent flyer miles, and I have one of those waivers where I don’t have to take my shoes or jacket off at airport security.

I guess you could say I’m on the "OK to fly" list.

Las Vegas And Hotel Security

In view of the recent event in Las Vegas, where does hotel security go from here? I’ve spoken in Las Vegas a few times and most hotels are filled with surveillance cameras — especially in the casino parts of the hotels.

Are we going to have to pass though metal detectors or have our bags open for inspection, shoes off, and body scanners, before we’re allowed to stay in a high-rise hotel?

Our Security Lifestyle

The age of innocence died long ago. Now you can barely leave your home without being on camera somewhere. Almost any public building you enter has some kind of electronic eyes in the sky keeping track of you.

Try going into the Federal Building in downtown Bozeman. You’ll show ID, empty your pockets, sign in and sign out, just to use the men’s room.

Cameras are so commonplace we don’t even notice them anymore. You don’t have to go any further than the dress code of Walmart shoppers to know that.

If you don’t like your picture taken it would be virtually impossible to do business in the United States today. All four sides of you would be available to anyone monitoring the technology.

Go to the bank, you’re on camera, grocery store, or retail stores, same thing. Big brother is always watching.

The predictions of the novel 1984 are undeniably evident in 2017. In this case truth really is stranger than fiction.

Some Final Thoughts

Where do we go from here? More levels of security in hotels? Planes, trains, automobiles?

Will we reach a time where video surveillance will actually be inside hotel rooms? Or, even worse, laws for surveillance to invade your personal residence 24/7 just to make sure you’re not planning to overthrow your local city commission?

Don’t be surprised if Motel 6 wants you to shed your shoes before they leave the light on for you in the near future.

How much security is too much security?

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