Congressman Greg Gianforte took to the House floor today urging better forest management for Montana.

“I have seen firsthand the result of failing to manage our forests – over a million acres burned, livelihoods threatened, wildlife habitats destroyed, and dangerous air quality in our communities,” said Gianforte. “Imagine if the entire state of Delaware burned. That’s the scope of what has burned in Montana this year – 1.25 million acres of our beautiful state... We need to be proactive and start managing our forests again...Well-managed forests are healthier forests with more wildlife, more hunting, and more good-paying jobs for Montanans. And importantly, our wildfires are less severe.”

Gianforte returned Thursday to Washington after meeting with BLM officials near Knowlton and Miles City. There he witnessed how the bureau has been managing forests and addressing wildfires.

“When BLM treated a forest, an approaching fire dropped into the underbrush and was quickly extinguished,” said Gianforte. “All the trees in the treated forest lived. But the trees in the untreated forest died and won’t recover in our lifetime.”

Gianforte is trying to make people who don't live in large timber areas know just how bad we have been with wildfires and even how it has impacted us with reduced timber sales. More needs to be done.


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