Tomorrow look for the five things I hate about Bozeman.

What’s Not To Love?

I moved to Bozeman, Montana 25 years ago and never looked back. If my parents were still alive, I’d slap them for not being in Montana when I was born.

I hate it I’m not a native born Montanan, because as far as I’m concerned, this is the “Last Best Place On Earth,” and in my opinion, I belong here.

Having said all that there are some good and bad things about Bozeman as there are with any city. Here are my five good things I love about Bozeman.

Like #1 — The Views

Every direction you look affords amazing mountain views and scenery. There’s an old joke in Bozeman that you get paid $10,000 a year in scenery.

The thinking is you’ll work for less if you’re in a great place. I will tell you my wife and I struggled when we moved here. But the sacrifices we had to make are worth it for being in such a beautiful place.

Like #2 — Traffic

You haven’t lived until you’ve done a daily commute of an hour or more each way, sitting in a five-lane parking lot, inhaling the fragrance of smog.

In Bozeman, other than some construction, we don’t have a rush hour. We have a rush 10 minutes.

Like #3 — Our History

As a kid I lived in the movie theater with serial Westerns. I knew even then that somehow I had to make it to Montana. I wanted to be a part of that western lifestyle I grew up with. All our street signs named after our founders, some good and some of questionable ethics, contributed the city evolution of where we live today.

Like #4 — Sports

Bozeman is a great sports town. The Bobcats, Hawks, Ice Dogs, and more have great support from our local population.

Hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, golfing, just to name a few of all the great activities available to Bozemanites.

Like #5 — The People

As I mentioned above, I’ve lived in Bozeman for 25 years. I’ve yet to meet an honest-to-God jerk. I’ve met a few that might qualify for honorable mention, but I have to say that calling on businesses in this area for over 12 years, I’ve made some great friends and great leaders in both business and politics.

Some Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to love about Bozeman. I’m sure there are things that you think should have made my list. Why not list them below in the comments?

In tomorrow’s blog I’ll cover the five things I hate about Bozeman. Stay tuned.


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