Some NFL football teams across America are refusing to stand when the National Anthem is played. Some people want to boycott the NFL, others think it is all about freedom of speech.

Do football players have the right or the freedom to protest about things they don't like about the USA? Is it courageous for them to refuse to stand at the anthem? Is the NFL and the owners letting this happen when they can stop it? Does freedom of speech apply to private businesses?

If you owned a local Bozeman restaurant and your workers insulted the customers, would you say it was okay because of freedom of speech or would you fire them?

We were talking about the NFL and freedom of speech at our weekly meeting when Jesse from the Moose radio station asked me. “Do you think the people in Bozeman would be upset if some Bobcat football players refused to stand at the National Anthem?”

I know 99% of my callers on Dominick In The Morning are very upset at the NFL and have even promised to boycott football if these protests don't stop.

But we all love the Bobcats and to me the idea that a Montanan student would disrespect the American flag, well, it never occurred to me.

I like to think we here in Montana are away from all that. But as I think about it, how would I feel? How would you feel if the Bobcats joined the protest? Would they do that?

I would really like your thoughts on this. Email


Join the Cats for Bobcat Football Family Fun!
Join the Cats for Bobcat Football Family Fun!

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