I’ll admit it. Christmas is my favorite holiday. However, taking our weekly stroll through Walmart today I couldn’t believe that Christmas stuff is already filling the shelves.

Guys — Its September

Could we at least get Halloween and Thanksgiving out of the way first before forcing Christmas down my throat? Being a business guy, I understand the methodology. The sooner you get people thinking about Christmas the more you’ll probably sell.

I’d like to at least get through Labor Day before you spring Christmas on me.

Each Year Gets More Commercial

As I mentioned before, being a business guy I appreciate a good, profitable business model — get consumers thinking ahead.

Look how commercial we’ve made “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving. Come down and take your life in your hands for a $10 big screen TV while supplies last.

Our Holiday Heritage

There are many big holidays other than Christmas and Thanksgiving. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, and Halloween all attract lots of cash.

All have become cash cows for big and small businesses alike. Many small businesses would not survive without these big paydays.

Most people would say that the commercialism of Christmas dismisses the reason for the holiday. I find myself in that camp.

Yet the effect of Christmas commercialism on our economy is undeniable. Billions are spent each year for material goods to place under Christmas trees worldwide.

Thousands of part time jobs are created during holiday seasons.

Some Final Thoughts

Even high-end Christmas tree ads have hit American TV screens. For most people the logic of bringing out Christmas before Halloween makes no sense.

They don’t want to think about it yet. We have candy and costumes to purchase. I guess one of my etched-in-stone advertising rules applies here: When logic and emotion come into conflict — emotions always wins.

I have a great idea for a new business. I’m going to sell hats with blinders on the sides so I don’t have to be exposed to holiday fare until I’m ready.

How many hats can I put you down for?

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