Senator Steve Daines returned from a security and trade mission to South Korea this week. He was in South Korea to get an update on the nuclear threat North Korea poses to the world.

Daines, who serves on the Senate Subcommittee on Defense, traveled to the Korean Demilitarized Zone at the border known as the 38th parallel.

Daines met with South Korea’s defense minister Song Young-moo and discussed the security situation and danger on the border. North Korea’s ongoing provocations have President Trump and US Congress demanding the North give up its nuclear weapons.

North Korea is run by a madman who has complete disregard for both his people and the world community,” Daines stated. “Standing at the border provided more context for the threat North Korea poses daily to its southern neighbor and the globe. We must do everything in our power to strangle the North Korean regime and end North Korea’s nuclear threat.”




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