Usually people refer to the silly season as the days leading up to election day. That’s certainly part of it but there are other things crammed into the last four months of the year.

Things that make Bozeman residents silly.

Why No Holidays In The First Six Months?

Why are all the holidays bunched up in the final six months of the years while the first six months are a holiday no man’s land?

From New Year’s Day until Memorial Day at the end of May there are virtually no legitimate three-day weekends for America’s workforce.

It’s cold, it’s dark early, there’s no real sports going on — what are we supposed to do during this depressing time?

I think we need to revise holidays in Bozeman. Every couple of months there should be a least one three-day weekend.

Holidays In The Last Six Months.

Not only are there tons of holidays packed into the last six months they are expensive holidays.

Fourth of July — Have you seen the prices of fireworks? A week’s pay might get you some firecrackers and a couple of unimpressive rockets. Not to mention the cookout that come along with it. Meat’s not all that cheap these days.

Labor Day —The first weekend in September means big bucks in back to school stuff. Clothes, books, backpacks, etc.

Halloween — Comes less than 60 days after back to school and is also a major spending day. Candy, costumes, parties etc. all deplete the wallet.

Thanksgiving — less than three weeks later a major outlay of cash on booze (Thanksgiving eve is the biggest drinking day of the year), turkey and all the trimmings and if that isn’t enough one day later all the Black Friday Sales begin.

Christmas — I don’t have to go into a lot of detail about this budget busting holiday. Average outlays are usually between $500 to $1,000 for a tree and gifts for loved ones.

Some Final Thoughts

I think we should move Labor Day to the first week in March. That would be a partial break.

In April we could have Bozeman Day Off Day.

Everyone working in Bozeman would get a paid three-day weekend. This would be a nice cushion leading up to Memorial Day.

These minor adjustments would be a big help in the employee burnout that occurs between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day.

I think the time has come for the Bozeman City Commission to bag Low Cost Housing and get to work on Holiday Relief. It would benefit all citizens.

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